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Ingredients we use:

Known as the ‘Village Pharmacy’ in India where every part of the tree is used for therapeutic preparations.
Nigela Seeds
The magical Nigella seeds are known as ‘Seeds of blessing’ and ‘the cure for all diseases except death.
The preservative qualities of turmeric have been deemed more precious than gold and its use in Ayurveda has been perennial, stretching for thousands of years.
Regarded as sacred to Hindus, the embolic, is harnessed for its nurturing and rejuvenating properties
White beeswax
Helps maintain moisture content and contains anti-inflammatory properties and Vitamin A which protect and heal skin.
Ginger Root
A natural remedy for hundreds of ailments for centuries ranging from treating bacterial infections of digestion to cancer.
Native of southern foothills of the Himalayas, Moringa oil is considered to be the most stable essential oil in nature and used in Ayurveda skincare for thousands of years both in India and Egypt.
Cassia fistula
Known as ‘Aragvadha’ in Sanskrit which literally translates as ‘that which eliminates disease’.

Our clients had this to say

We believe that the best way to drive positive change is to listen to what our customers have to say. It inspires us to serve you better and help us innovate, disrupt, and keeps us relevant.

“I have since going through the menopause, my skin become very dry and my eyes get Blepharitis. And whole eyes become very dry and itchy. I just put it on spontaneously it keeps everything so soft. It amazingly sooth irritation on my skin. I also have eczema I just put it on, and my eczema so controlled now. I don’t even have problem with eczema now. Dermaved try it you’ll love it as much as I do"
Jean Hammond
“I suffer from allergy during winter months. Last winter the skin around one of my eyes got inflamed. I tried lots of creams, including hormonal cream from my GP, but had no result. As soon as I used Dermaved my eye healed. Along with all the Ayurveda herbs which cured my skin from eczema, it contained petroleum jelly, which worked as a barrier cream, protecting my skin from cold. I kept using it as my face moisturiser for winter months.” I hope my review will help others. Kind regards,
Alisha Gold
“Dermaved cream is a cream that I use for a number of skin issues and is in my opinion a must have in every household. The other day, I walked into a spider web which covered my face and neck. Later that evening I started to experience itching, only to discover that my face was all red and looked like a rash. I applied Dermaved cream, the itching calmed down almost immediately. The next morning there was no sign of any redness or rash, it all disappeared as if nothing happened. The beauty of Dermaved cream, the ingredients are all natural. I highly recommended it.”
Corinne (Canada)
“I have been using Dermaved as a rescue cream for years. My skin becomes dry and irritated/itchy from time to time and if it worsens, it can break out in a rash. It’s great to have Dermaved for these occasions. The irritation usually reduces within hours and will reduce significantly in a matter of days. I usually decant some into a smaller pot and keep it handy for dry lips, or a hand moisturiser when my skin gets dry. I even use it as a facial moisturiser when travelling. I don’t like to run out of it since I never know when I will need it!”
Christine Lutsch

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