Case studies


(Four generations of eczema relieved with Dermaved)

Helen is a 65 year old grandmother and a yoga teacher. She suffered with eczema since childhood, just like her mother before her. Sadly both Helen’s daughter and granddaughter suffered with eczema also, although not as severe as hers.

Initially, Helen’s daughter and granddaughter came to me for advice. They wanted to stop the condition from becoming chronic like Helen’s. In my experience, where there is a lack of understanding of the causes of eczema and proper treatment, eczema can deteriorate and become chronic and infected.

I recommended that Helen’s daughter and granddaughter use Dermaved regularly on the affected areas. They have effectively managed the condition through the application of Dermaved and continue to use it to this day to prevent it developing. Dermaved is equally effective for the management and treatment of mild skin disorders. It is 100% natural, gentle and safe enough to use for regular application even for mild disorders.

As a result, Helen came to see me for advice. Her eczema was all over her body and particularly bad on her hands. Her skin was itchy, flaky and dry. The skin was also splitting, weeping and infected. The eczema on her hands was so severe that any contact with water aggravated her condition and caused her pain. As a result the simplest of tasks like washing dishes became very difficult.

Over the years, other than allopathic medicine, she tried other alternative remedies including Chinese medicine, acupuncture and homeopathy. Despite being someone who looked after herself carefully, she found she had only limited success with these methods as the eczema kept recurring no matter what she did.

I advised her to use Dermaved and gave her specific dietary advice. As she was suffering from vata type eczema I gave her a pitta reducing diet and advised her to reduce her exercise regimen as it was aggravating the vata dosha for her.

After only two weeks of applying the cream she noticed immediate improvement. She felt instant relief from the itchiness, pain and discomfort she had suffered for so long. Her skin healed quickly particularly on her hands, with soft, smooth, new skin emerging within a month. Helen continues to use Dermaved to prevent any recurrence of the condition as it protects and moisturises the skin.


(Deep depression because of Eczema)

David suffered with eczema since early childhood. It developed initially as small, scaly patches on his arms and legs and progressively got worse with intense itching, oozing, and redness of the skin. He was also asthmatic. By the time he was at secondary school, his eczema had become so aggressive he had to be hospitalised twice and was treated with steroids, antibiotics, and harsh medication like cyclosporin to reduce his immunity so his flare up’s were not so intense.

Whilst David was prescribed medication, there was no other support or alternative therapy available to him. The best that he could do was to try and manage his eczema. During this time, because of the difficulty he faced managing his condition, David became withdrawn, angry and very depressed and his behaviour at school was at exclusion level through his developing teenage years.

This obviously had a very big impact on the whole family. They sought out private healthcare, but discovered that there was little difference in the treatments from that provided by the NHS. They also tried Chinese herbal medicine but without lasting success. This is what David’s mum had to say about discovering Ayurvedic medicine:

I found Deepika’s website in February 2010 with a view to finding someone who could help us overcome this condition. As his mum I was always interested in Ayurvedic medicines, and when I suggested this to David’s Dermatologist 2 years previously, he told me that all UK hospitals follow scientifically proven methods. However, I was determined to seek help for my son who had become so desperate, and did not want to carry on anymore.

I searched the internet, spoke to family and friends hoping to make my son’s life better. I found Deepika’s website friendly, and informative, and hoped that she would help us, even though we were nervous to find a cure.

She took David’s history, lifestyle and needs into perspective when coming up with a way to help him (after all he was only 14). She recommended Dermaved first. She also gave David a food plan, and told him which food groups to avoid to help lower his pitta imbalance, together with a mixture of herbal powders to take in water. She also took his mindset into account. He also had do an Ayurvedic treatment with coconut smoke and Neem. As a family we were determined to try this therapy.

Within only 2 weeks of regular application of Dermaved, David’s skin improved enormously. He was like a new boy with clear skin and glowing with confidence and hope. At first his routine was a little difficult, as he had to give up some of his favourite foods and we had to change some of our cooking habits. However, over the following weeks and months David continued his basic treatment, with Deepika modifying it slightly based on what was happening to him, to eliminate and expel the heat from his body. He maintained his treatment for 5 months with a few episodes of highs and lows, but all the way Deepika continued to support us both emotionally  and medically, and I am pleased to say that my son is transformed into a confident, much happier, and healthier young boy, and doing well at school now.  His skin is so much better. I feel he suffered unnecessarily for 5 years.

His treatment still continues but without Deepika’s help I don’t know where we would be now. He is now stopped all hospital medications, especially cyclosporin. He treats his eczema solely based on Ayurvedic medicine now. Dermaved together with herbal powders and the right diet is working for him.  David is now so much better in himself these days it is hard to imagine how he was before.


(Ended 32 years of eczema using Dermaved as the daily moisturiser)

Nidi was 32 years old when she came to see me and had suffered with eczema her whole life. She had come to accept it as part of her life as nothing she tried to cure it worked. She used every moisturizing skin cream she could find on the market, topical steroid creams and drugs. Nothing improved the condition of her skin.

When she came to see me, her skin was very irritated, red and sore. It was very dry and very itchy which caused her a great deal of suffering.

I advised that she apply Dermaved daily to the affected area and follow my diet plan. After one month Nidi was amazed to find that her skin had cleared significantly. She was relieved of the itching sensation completely and the redness and irritation had completely disappeared. Her new skin emerged soft and smooth. Nidi reported to me that Dermaved has made her skin feel so smooth that she likes to use it as a moisturiser daily too. She said that it is the most natural cream she has ever used on her skin. She is delighted with her beautiful, smooth skin now.

Now and then, whenever she experiences some dryness that appears on her skin, she immediately applies Dermaved and it disappears.

Chloe, Chantelle and Grandson (skin disorders in three generations of one family)

Chloe is a 47 year old grandmother who had been suffering with eczema for 20 years. When she came to the clinic she was covered from head to toe and on the face and neck area, with extremely dry and flaky skin. She suffered from constant itchiness which caused her sleepless nights and constant tiredness and irritation.

She had tried topical steroid and anti-inflammatory creams for many years to calm the skin down. She found that they worked only temporarily and as soon as she stopped using them, the inflammation would return. She also tried Chinese medicine, acupuncture and homeopathy. She came to the clinic as a last resort feeling hopeless.

I prescribed Dermaved first as a critical part of her recovery and also gave her individualised dietary advice. Chloe works in the City as a banker and her condition was caused in part by the stress related to this work. Her lifestyle involved late nights, poor nutrition and over work. She was also over weight and suffering from exhaustion.

We are all unique in our constitution and genetic code. Skin disorders in each individual are also unique in their cause and presentation. Each food type can have a different effect on each person. What is nutritious for one person can cause aggravation of a skin disorder in another. Identifying the specific imbalance in diet and lifestyle which causes the disorder requires the expertise of an experienced Ayurvedic physician.

After two months of using Dermaved and following the simple dietary advice, Chloe’s disorder had completely cleared up.

Sometime later, Chantelle, Chloe’s 16 year old daughter came to the clinic for advice to treat what appeared to be eczema on her arm. The skin was very red and aggravated and had eventually split and began weeping. Chloe didn’t understand what was causing her skin to react in this way and was upset by the condition.

I was able to identify that she was suffering from contact dermatitis, which can have the same appearance as eczema and was caused by wearing metal jewellery. I recommended that she apply Dermaved daily to the affected area and stop wearing metal jewellery. Contact dermatitis can continue to develop as a disorder even when the original cause of the disorder has been removed. This happened in Chantelle’s case. Even after she stopped wearing metal jewellery the disorder continued to develop because it had become infected.

Using Dermaved alone, Chantelle was able to cure herself completely. Within just one week of daily application of Dermaved, the infection had completely cleared and her skin returned to normal. She has remained free of dermatitis since.

Chantelle then brought her 4 month old baby boy to see me. I diagnosed that he was suffering with vata type eczema. He was covered with inflamed, red and flaky skin from top to bottom. His skin was extremely itchy and so he was irritated and unable to settle and sleep. Chantelle became very stressed seeing her child struggle and cry constantly in this way and was herself enduring sleepless nights with him. The effect of the stress on Chantelle caused a reduction in her breast milk.

I was able to identify that Chantelle had been using Actimel formula because she was advised that her breast milk was not sufficiently nutritious. Questioned further, I discovered that the skin disorder began approximately at the same time she began giving him Actimel. Actimel was not suitable for her baby but may be suitable for others. I advised her to apply Dermaved immediately and daily, and to use a different formula which was more than adequate for the baby’s nutritional needs.

Happily after just four weeks, his skin was completely cured. He now has baby soft, moisturised skin and sleeps through the night without any problems.

Chloe and her family now trust Dermaved for treating the whole family and have recommended it to all their friends.

Nella & Blanca

(Mom & Infant daughter cured Eczema with Dermaved Cream)

Blanca’s daughter, Nella was only 4 months old when she first started having the symptoms of Baby Eczema. Nella was a healthy baby and suddenly, she began to show signs of itchiness all over her body. The itchiness intensified as time went on. Nella started to scratch her body all the time. Eventually, Nella’s whole body developed red, itchy spots and she was in considerable pain and discomfort due to continuous itching.

When Blanca visited her GP, she was given a series of creams, lotions & oils during her multiple visits. However, nothing seemed to be helping little Nella who continued to suffer from ever-growing itchiness all over her body. It was painful & frustrating for Blanca to watch how none of the treatments were helpful with little Nella’s condition.

When Blanca came across the Ayurveda Clinic, the situation changed. Nella was swiftly diagnosed & was recommended Dermaved cream among other treatment methods for her condition. Nella showed major recovery within the first few days of using Dermaved cream. Nella’s itchiness has reduced to a bare minimum by the end of the first week and more than half of the red spots had gone away. And soon all the red spots disappeared. Nella made a quick recovery with the help of Dermaved cream.

Blanca later started to use the cream when she developed Eczema herself. She uses Dermaved cream after a shower as a moisturiser to soothe the skin now. Blanca is continuing to use Dermaved cream for both Nella and herself as a moisturiser to prevent eczema from making inroads again. Below is Blanca’s own words about the almost magical results Dr. Deepika and Dermaved cream brought to herself and Nella.

“I have been using Dermaved since last year when my daughter got atopic eczema at 4 months old. Now, she is 16 months and we use it just for nourishing her skin. We tried so many creams, lotions, and oils from the GP but not even one of them helped Nella with her skin condition. She scratched her skin 24/7. After Dermaved, everything changed! In the very first week, her skin started to look 50% better. My boyfriend said it was impossible and must contain magic ingredients. I used it on myself too as I got eczema. Everything disappeared! And my daughter’s skin condition is 90% better. We also use the cream after a shower. For me, it’s the best cream ever being natural as well. It’s a miracle product!!!”


Methuli (Chronic Infant Eczema)

One-year old Methuli was suffering with eczema since she was born. When her mother, Sankha brought her to the Ayurvedic Clinic, she was under weight and her whole body was covered in itchy, red and infected skin which was flaking off. Her skin was so inflamed her mother couldn’t even touch it. Methuli was extremely distressed and both mother and baby had constant sleepless nights.

Sankha had been to see medical specialists who advised her to feed Methuli a pint of cow’s milk every day to bring her weight up to normal levels. Her mother tried to feed her milk daily but Methuli responded by vomiting it all. Sankha felt that she was being held responsible for her child’s failure to gain weight even though she was trying hard to follow the advice given to her. In addition to this, the specialist prescribed topical steroid cream, oral antibiotics, and creams with emulsifying agents to help moisturise her skin.

Despite following all the advice and using the prescribed products, Methuli wasn’t getting better, in fact she lost more weight and her skin condition went from bad to worse. By the time they sought advice on the Ayurvedic approach, Methuli’s parents were distressed and had lost hope in conventional medicine.

When she came to the clinic in 2013, I recognised that Methuli was suffering from a vata type eczema which caused the skin to weep. I recommended Dermaved as first line, immediate treatment for her skin which was critical for her. I also gave her dietary advice, specifically tailored to her needs, which included cutting out cow’s milk from her diet entirely.  I also advised her on home remedies to help relieve the symptoms.

Within two weeks of using Dermaved and following the dietary advice there was already a vast improvement in Methuli’s condition. Her skin had stopped weeping and had dried up and become flaky. The old skin appeared dark and discoloured and the new skin began to appear underneath. She was no longer suffering from itchiness, discomfort or inflammation.  Both Methuli and her parents were now able to sleep through the night.

Four weeks later, the old, discoloured and flaky skin had been shed and the new skin emerged feeling soft and smooth with an even tone. Within two months Methuli was completely free of eczema symptoms and has stayed that way ever since. Her parents now say they are so glad they discovered Ayurvedic medicine and Dermaved. Sankha still uses Dermaved regularly for Methuli’s skin to moisturise and to help prevent the recurrence of eczema. Sankha recently returned to the clinic to ask for advice as the eczema seemed to have re-appeared slightly. We identified that oranges were the cause of this and were not within the dietary recommendations I made for her.

Methuli’s case is a good example of how a lack of understanding of the causes of skin disorders can contribute to the worsening of the condition. With proper understanding, the solution can be very simple.

Baby Jaden

(Eczema since birth)

Jaden was brought to see me when he was nearly two years old. His whole body was covered with red, inflamed, weeping skin, particularly around the knee and elbow joints and the back of the neck and abdomen. It was causing unbearable itchiness which led to scratching and bleeding skin.  Jaden had been suffering with eczema since birth and both he and his mother had become distressed and unhappy trying to cure the condition with no success.

They had tried various prescription topical steroid creams and had taken several courses of antibiotics when the skin had become infected. His mother found that the condition would subside to a degree when she applied the steroid creams, but that as soon as she stopped, the skin condition would re-appear and become worse than it had been before applying the cream.

A friend had recommended Dermaved to Jaden’s mum and she told me that she could see the difference when applying it within hours. The itchiness completely stopped and the redness reduced quickly. Jaden’s mum wanted to find out more about what she could do to cure the condition permanently.

I diagnosed Jaden as suffering from vata type eczema and gave his mother specific dietary advice as well as recommending specialist Ayurvedic treatments, such as herbal smoke remedy and other home remedies. Most of all I recommended that she apply Dermaved daily to the affected areas.

Jaden’s eczema completely healed within weeks. He is nearly 4 years old now, eczema free and still using Dermaved as a moisturiser and to prevent recurrence of the eczema.

His mother says that even when he eats the foods which cause the eczema to come back slightly on his hands, she applies Dermaved and it is alleviated within just a few hours. Her message to eczema sufferers is, don’t wait, apply Dermaved and your skin will be much better in hours.


Andrea (Ended eye rash in 8 weeks)

Andrea got evaluated for an itchy rash on both the upper and lower bilateral eyelids and around eyes, which had been present for 4 months. Her eyes themselves were unaffected, but the skin around them was highly irritated. Andrea had already seen her GP who prescribed or recommended several remedies, including creams and moisturisers. Since none of these has proved helpful, she came to the Ayurvedic Clinic.

Upon close examination of her, a brisk red, dry, wrinkly rash covering the above-mentioned areas were noted. No rash was seen elsewhere, and there are no signs of any other skin problems of the locations where they typically appear. A holistic treatment plan was developed for Andrea that covered her food, lifestyle, and mindset and recommended her to start using Dermaved cream.

Andrea quickly recovered from the worst of her condition during the first week of using Dermaved cream and within 8 weeks she had freed herself from the itchy rash that covered her eyes. Andrea continues to use Dermaved to ensure that there won’t be another episode of what she went through with her skin condition. This is what Andrea had to say about how Dermaved helped her;

“I had a dermatitis condition around the eyes last year. After starting with Dermaved skin cream, it took me about 8 weeks to recover after 4 months of suffering before.

I am well, at the moment no more conditions in that way… I am still using Dermaved, especially during the cold season. I thank Dermaved for my quick recovery”


(Fast growing & bleeding rash with intense itching)

Chris was working in his backyard, raking leaves on a brightly lit day. However, Chris started to develop an insatiable itch on one of his feet about two weeks later. Soon, his feet broke out and started to bleed. The itching got intensified.

The next day, Chris discovered that he has a rash on both arms and shoulders; underneath his armpits. He immediately went to the ER. The hospital prescribed Chris a steroid pack and antibiotics. It helped a bit by clearing the rash up but soon returned with a vengeance.

When Chris came across the Ayurvedic Clinic, he’d been suffering for months. He received much-needed relief under the care of the Ayurvedic Clinic, who took a holistic approach to manage his condition, covering diet, change in behaviours, and attitudes. Chris was recommended to start using Dermaved cream. Chris had his condition under control after two weeks of using the cream. Within three months of using the Dermaved, Chris was able to see an end to the rash that he now remembered as a horrible memory. Chris uses Dermaved cream as a moistiuriser now to keep his skin healthy. Below is what Chris has to say about Dermaved cream;

“It all started as a small itch and got bigger into a rash in no time. The steroid pack and antibody treatment that was given by the hospital was not working. I was feeling frustrated and amazed by the speed at which everything expanded so fast with the rash. When I started using Dermaved, the rash started to fade away. I could see improvements daily. I am using it daily even now. I recommend Dermaved cream to anyone”.


(Social withdrawal due to red & thickened skin over his face, chest and head)

Jason was suffering from red skin on his face. It was getting thick. This condition started when he was about seven years old. He avoided oily and spicy food as doctors advised him to avoid them strictly.  He had many tests & treatment rounds over the years. After many years of suffering from his skin condition, Jason saw how his skin became thicker and thicker over the years. His skin condition expanded from his cheeks to all over his face and chest.

He started to shave off his hair so that he can scrub his skin well. His skin tended to mutate overnight as a thick scab. There was no escape for Jason even as a 23 years old adult from his skin condition. Jason lacked the confidence to date as he thought his red face would drive away anyone even remotely interested in him. He was in both physical and emotional discomfort due to his skin condition.

Jason found relief in Dermaved cream under the kind guidance and advice of Dr. Deepika. She spent time with Jason to understand the history, associated factors of his skin condition. Since then, the redness has faded away. He started to feel good in his skin. He has grown higher in confidence and started dating for the first time after ten weeks of using Deramaved cream. He’s still in disbelief over how his life turns out to be all thanks to Dr. Deepika. Jason continues to explore the newfound possibilities & uses Dermaved cream daily as a moisturser.

“My condition has followed me since I was 7 and used to avoid almost everything with oil or that smells good, even metal. Nothing was helping. The skin was getting thicker by the year and it was covering all over my face and chest and head. The redness of my skin was a major demotivation and I didn’t date. Thanks to Dermaved cream, it has all changed now. I am so happy”.


Ben (Relief from stage three Rosacea)

Ben suffered due to Rosacea for more than two years and had almost given up hopes of finding a remedy for his condition when he came across Dermaved cream. He started to use Dermaved cream with nothing but little hope. Ben was amazed by the results and the relief he found with Dermaved cream. Below, Ben takes us through his journey to find relief through Deramved cream in a detailed manner.

“I was suffering from stage three Rosacea for about two years. It was tough to deal with as persistent burning in the face would come after exposure to even mild sunlight or eating just about anything! I was a little skeptical to use Dermaved as I felt I had tried everything, with little or no relief. However, the practitioners at the Ayurvedic Clinic helped me with a new food plan, lifestyle changes and soon I started to develop hope due to her wholesome approach. What happened next was miraculous. Within two days there was a definite improvement, and by day four the condition was completely gone! Not a bump or red mark to be seen. It has been 5 months now and I have not had a single flare-up, even during the height of summer. I have to say the experts behind this product are doing a tremendous service to the world, and this experience confirms to me that the ancients really did know what they were doing. If you are suffering from a skin ailment, please don’t hesitate to give Dermaved a try – put your trust in Ayurveda! I hope it will bring solace to your life as it did to mine. “

Asma Farooq

(London based GP who suffered with Rosacea for over five years)

Dr. Asma Farooq is a GP in London who suffered from Rosacea for over five years before turning to Ayurveda. She described her condition as moderately severe. Dr. Asma had redness over her cheeks with pustules that were painful to touch. She experienced intense burning sensations all over her face as a result. She had tried both oral medications, including courses of antibiotics and topical gels to relieve the condition, but nothing seemed to work consistently. Even as a practicing GP, she was unable to find a way to cure the problem and was aware that many of her patients were suffering in the same way. She discovered Dermaved. She discovered that her skin was beginning to improve after a brief period of using Dermaved. The burning sensation was resolved fully, after four months. The redness in the skin had improved significantly.

In her own words:

“I am happy to recommend this cream to others with skin problems. I found that despite taking prolonged courses of antibiotics I would continue to experience the painful burning sensation and redness over my face. Applying Dermaved on a daily basis has managed to control these symptoms within 4 months.”


(A mom’s quest to help her teen son to end rosacea on his face)

Arthur, son of Bella, developed Rosacea, on both sides of his face about three years ago. Bella immediately took him to their GP for treatment. However, the doctor said that no additional treatment is needed and to use a generic moisturiser for the face. Bella felt infuriated as she knew how this skin condition had impacted her teen son. Arthur was already feeling shy & embarrassed due to the growing irritation on his face. Bella wanted her son to stop seeing himself as being ‘diseased’. Then Bella took Arthur to see other doctors, who also told her to seek the help of their family doctor without prescribing a treatment.

Bella was frustrated with not being able to help her son and angered by the reactions of doctors who did not treat the skin condition of Arthur. Then she got to know about the Ayurvedic Clinic based on a recommendation from a friend. After a thorough examination of the history of Arthur, diet habits, Arthur was recommended a total treatment solution inclusive of Dermaved cream. Arthur experienced immediate relief from day one onwards. Arthur is Rosacea free now after 18 weeks of using Dermaved. He ended his struggle with the condition that lasted more than three years.

“My 15-year-old son, Arthur had rosacea for well on for three years on his face. His doctors didn’t treat him and asked us to use moisturizing cream. As a young teen, my son was shy and embarrassed by his skin condition.  When Arthur used Dermaved cream for the first time, he said he felt the difference. Arthur was able to look beyond his rosacea all thanks to Dermaved cream and today he lives a normal life away from rosacea. I simply wish I knew about Dermaved earlier and I recommend Dermaved cream to everyone with Rosacea.”

Sumith (Peeling skin psoriasis)

Sumith is a 40-year old man who came to me suffering with psoriasis. It appeared all over his body and in particular on his back and arms. Sumith’s skin was constantly flaking and peeling to such a degree that his wife complained that she had to hoover their carpet at home daily because it was covered in flaking skin scales. The peeling skin was painful for Sumith and the discomfort caused him constant sleepless nights. Even when he visited the clinic, his skin shed flakes in the chair and on the ground when he removed his clothes for examination.

Sumith had been taking Cyclosporin and steroid creams and had been prescribed sleeping tablets to alleviate the night time discomfort. He found that the topical steroid cream and Cyclosporin had some effect but as soon as he stopped applying it his psoriasis would return.

Psoriasis is a kapha disorder and typical symptoms which presented in Sumith were infected, inflamed, weeping and itching, scaly skin. As a kapha disorder, psoriasis is embedded in the deeper tissues of the skin.

I recommended the daily application of Dermaved and prescribed ayurvedic herbs along with dietary advice in order to reduce the kapha and pitta imbalances. Sumith’s diet consisted of a lot of fast food and he had a habit of eating a lot of bananas which in my opinion were aggravating the existing condition.

Sumith reported that Dermaved provided instant relief from his suffering. The flakiness and dryness was immediately reduced which eliminated the itchiness and restored comfort to the skin. As psoriasis is a disorder embedded in the deeper tissue of the skin, it remains present for a long time and requires a longer course of treatment.
After 6 months of applying Dermaved Sumith’s disorder had become manageable and after a year, he reported that the disorder had completely disappeared. He continues to use Dermaved regularly as a medicated moisturiser to prevent recurrence and continues to be psoriasis free.

Connie (Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis)

Connie is 62 year old lady who suffered from psoriasis, especially behind the ears. Psoriasis is a kapha disorder. Her skin was red, inflamed, itchy and irritable. Connie also suffered from psoriatic arthritis in both knee joints which caused her a lot of pain.
Both deep tissue and synovial membrane are similar kapha tissues. As a result it is common for those with psoriasis to also suffer from psoriatic arthritis, as the same fluids run through both tissues.

In the past she had used topical creams and antibiotics on prescription. She found that neither was effective in the long term management of the disorder and that neither offered a complete cure.

I recommended regular application of Dermaved and gave her specific dietary advice.
Immediately on application of Dermaved, Connie found relief from the discomfort of itchiness. Her skin became less inflamed and red within hours of application.
As psoriasis is a disorder which is embedded in deep tissue, it takes longer than some other skin disorders to be alleviated. Within 3 months, Connie found that her psoriasis had completely disappeared. She also found that the psoriatic arthritis also disappeared when she followed the dietary advice in conjunction with Dermaved.

Kathryn J (Fast relief from psoriasis after many years of struggling)

When its summer time, while everyone is getting ready to enjoy sun, shedding their sweaters for tank tops, I’m hiding. This was my routine year after year, and my search for all those maxi dresses on Vogue could not solve one problem that I had; my patchy skin. I had been struggling with stubborn psoriasis for years, sun’s rays are a little relief, but not enough. It made me explain to everyone that it’s not contagious and just some ugly patch of skin. I was feeling exhausted living with my patchy skin year after year.

As you may have guessed, I saw a dermatologist very early and went through the routine. He looked at my arms and legs in an obligatory manner and scribbled a prescription, which I knew, it’s going to be a tropical cream. He also suggested me to try expensive biologic treatment which has to be injected to me on a daily basis. I gave up on the idea on my way home. Since then, I’ve been struggling with this incurable condition for years. Then I found Dermaved cream and everything changed, I got my life back.

Below is Kathryn’s own experience of using Dermaved in her own words

“I’ve been using Dermaved for some stubborn patches of psoriasis for a few years, and without fail it has kept them under control. And on some patches made them disappear completely. I’ve used countless creams (medical/steroidal as well as natural remedies etc.) and nothing works as well as this cream. It gets rid of flaky bits almost immediately and makes the red fade. Highly recommended.”

Dan (Conquered psoriasis that had him under for 15 years with Dermaved)

Having suffered with psoriasis for the past 15 years and after trying various different treatments, my sister recommended the Ayurvedic Clinic to me. At the Clinic I saw the Doctor and was given a course of herbs to drink (which were simple to prepare) along with Dermaved cream. The treatment had a near immediate positive effect on my skin and within a week I had clear skin where large dry patches of psoriasis had been for years. In subsequent consultations, my prescription of herbs was adjusted and reduced, reflecting the progress made re-balancing my body. Now only a couple of small light pink patches remain – which don’t scale over or itch – and I’m sure they will be gone soon which is a truly life-changing outcome.

The treatment at the Clinic has been handled professionally and with great care and empathy by all the staff and I would like to thank them for their amazing work.
I have recommended Dermaved to numerous friends and family with various skin complaints and they too have seen equally impressive results. I would advise anyone with a skin problem of any type to visit the Clinic (or at least try Dermaved), especially longer term sufferers who feel like they’ve exhausted all possible avenues for help, you’ll be glad you did. It’s an all-natural, holistic approach that will have long lasting effects and it’s very affordable. I’m really happy that I did, and I will continue to use Dermaved on any skin ailments I have from sunburn to insect bites.

David S (Free from psoriasis and making everyone happy with his little jokes)

I love bringing joy to people through the little jokes I often make. But when I spoke to others, I felt like they were staring at my psoriasis. Doctors gave me several ointments and creams, but nothing ever worked for the psoriasis on my feet. One day I learned about Ayurvedic Clinic and decided to try it. Now I am totally clear, and tasting life free from flares.

I used Dermaved Skin Care on my right foot as I had been suffering with chronic psoriasis for many years. I had tried E45 cream, Shea Butter and many other creams to ease the dry itchiness but the flaky unsightly skin remained, and I would often scratch it until it bled.

Dermaved is an amazing skin product, it completely relieved all of the skin irritation almost immediately and cleared up my symptoms completely in 4 weeks. I used Dermaved in conjunction with an Ayurvedic diet and treatment and my skin has been clear of psoriasis for over 18 months.

Keep trying until you find something that really works for you. For me, it was Dermaved.

Each of the following images were taken one week apart whilst using Dermaved:

Top left – before using Dermaved
Bottom left – after 1 week
Bottom right – after 2 weeks
Top right – after 3 weeks

A 45-year-old female school teacher from North London

I know what it’s like to feel like nothing will ever work. I was diagnosed with psoriasis when I was in Germany. After moving to the UK, I tried various psoriasis treatments, including creams, sprays, and steroid shots, without lasting results. Finally, after years of hiding my skin, I found Deramved.
This is my story, finding a cure for psoriasis.

15 years ago, at the age of 30, and following a very stressful period in life, I started to suffer from psoriasis.
It began as a tiny patch just under one of my breasts and over the years has continued to spread. I now have it around and under both breasts, under my armpits, in my groin, in and around my ears and around my hairline.

Patches under my breasts were irritated with my bras and often would bleed so I would need to wear a bandage under my bra to protect the broken skin from further irritation.

Over the years, I have tried various topical pharmaceutical creams with a steroid content which made the patches temporarily better but didn’t treat the problem at source and I was worried about the longer-term side effects such as skin thinning.

Light treatment didn’t work. I was then offered Methotrexate (which seemed a totally disproportionate treatment to my symptoms) and it was at this point that I was determined to treat psoriasis naturally from the inside out.

I was introduced to Dermaved and within three days, my psoriasis had become much less inflamed looking. Dermaved completely clears certain patches – in front of my ears for example. With other more resilient patches, it reduces the redness, inflammation and associated soreness.

I have been using Dermaved for about two years now and have not needed to use bandages since starting to use it. It makes it so much more comfortable and manageable. I would thoroughly recommend it.

Now, I’m almost clear and happily wearing whatever I want.

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