Andrea (Ended eye rash in 8 weeks)

Andrea got evaluated for an itchy rash on both the upper and lower bilateral eyelids and around eyes, which had been present for 4 months. Her eyes themselves were unaffected, but the skin around them was highly irritated. Andrea had already seen her GP who prescribed or recommended several remedies, including creams and moisturisers. Since none of these has proved helpful, she came to the Ayurvedic Clinic.

Upon close examination of her, a brisk red, dry, wrinkly rash covering the above-mentioned areas were noted. No rash was seen elsewhere, and there are no signs of any other skin problems of the locations where they typically appear. A holistic treatment plan was developed for Andrea that covered her food, lifestyle, and mindset and recommended her to start using Dermaved cream.

Andrea quickly recovered from the worst of her condition during the first week of using Dermaved cream and within 8 weeks she had freed herself from the itchy rash that covered her eyes. Andrea continues to use Dermaved to ensure that there won’t be another episode of what she went through with her skin condition. This is what Andrea had to say about how Dermaved helped her;

“I had a dermatitis condition around the eyes last year. After starting with Dermaved skin cream, it took me about 8 weeks to recover after 4 months of suffering before.

I am well, at the moment no more conditions in that way… I am still using Dermaved, especially during the cold season. I thank Dermaved for my quick recovery”


(Fast growing & bleeding rash with intense itching)

Chris was working in his backyard, raking leaves on a brightly lit day. However, Chris started to develop an insatiable itch on one of his feet about two weeks later. Soon, his feet broke out and started to bleed. The itching got intensified.

The next day, Chris discovered that he has a rash on both arms and shoulders; underneath his armpits. He immediately went to the ER. The hospital prescribed Chris a steroid pack and antibiotics. It helped a bit by clearing the rash up but soon returned with a vengeance.

When Chris came across the Ayurvedic Clinic, he’d been suffering for months. He received much-needed relief under the care of the Ayurvedic Clinic, who took a holistic approach to manage his condition, covering diet, change in behaviours, and attitudes. Chris was recommended to start using Dermaved cream. Chris had his condition under control after two weeks of using the cream. Within three months of using the Dermaved, Chris was able to see an end to the rash that he now remembered as a horrible memory. Chris uses Dermaved cream as a moistiuriser now to keep his skin healthy. Below is what Chris has to say about Dermaved cream;

“It all started as a small itch and got bigger into a rash in no time. The steroid pack and antibody treatment that was given by the hospital was not working. I was feeling frustrated and amazed by the speed at which everything expanded so fast with the rash. When I started using Dermaved, the rash started to fade away. I could see improvements daily. I am using it daily even now. I recommend Dermaved cream to anyone”.


(Social withdrawal due to red & thickened skin over his face, chest and head)

Jason was suffering from red skin on his face. It was getting thick. This condition started when he was about seven years old. He avoided oily and spicy food as doctors advised him to avoid them strictly.  He had many tests & treatment rounds over the years. After many years of suffering from his skin condition, Jason saw how his skin became thicker and thicker over the years. His skin condition expanded from his cheeks to all over his face and chest.

He started to shave off his hair so that he can scrub his skin well. His skin tended to mutate overnight as a thick scab. There was no escape for Jason even as a 23 years old adult from his skin condition. Jason lacked the confidence to date as he thought his red face would drive away anyone even remotely interested in him. He was in both physical and emotional discomfort due to his skin condition.

Jason found relief in Dermaved cream under the kind guidance and advice of Dr. Deepika. She spent time with Jason to understand the history, associated factors of his skin condition. Since then, the redness has faded away. He started to feel good in his skin. He has grown higher in confidence and started dating for the first time after ten weeks of using Deramaved cream. He’s still in disbelief over how his life turns out to be all thanks to Dr. Deepika. Jason continues to explore the newfound possibilities & uses Dermaved cream daily as a moisturser.

“My condition has followed me since I was 7 and used to avoid almost everything with oil or that smells good, even metal. Nothing was helping. The skin was getting thicker by the year and it was covering all over my face and chest and head. The redness of my skin was a major demotivation and I didn’t date. Thanks to Dermaved cream, it has all changed now. I am so happy”.

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