Sumith (Peeling skin psoriasis)

Sumith is a 40-year old man who came to me suffering with psoriasis. It appeared all over his body and in particular on his back and arms. Sumith’s skin was constantly flaking and peeling to such a degree that his wife complained that she had to hoover their carpet at home daily because it was covered in flaking skin scales. The peeling skin was painful for Sumith and the discomfort caused him constant sleepless nights. Even when he visited the clinic, his skin shed flakes in the chair and on the ground when he removed his clothes for examination.

Sumith had been taking Cyclosporin and steroid creams and had been prescribed sleeping tablets to alleviate the night time discomfort. He found that the topical steroid cream and Cyclosporin had some effect but as soon as he stopped applying it his psoriasis would return.

Psoriasis is a kapha disorder and typical symptoms which presented in Sumith were infected, inflamed, weeping and itching, scaly skin. As a kapha disorder, psoriasis is embedded in the deeper tissues of the skin.

I recommended the daily application of Dermaved and prescribed ayurvedic herbs along with dietary advice in order to reduce the kapha and pitta imbalances. Sumith’s diet consisted of a lot of fast food and he had a habit of eating a lot of bananas which in my opinion were aggravating the existing condition.

Sumith reported that Dermaved provided instant relief from his suffering. The flakiness and dryness was immediately reduced which eliminated the itchiness and restored comfort to the skin. As psoriasis is a disorder embedded in the deeper tissue of the skin, it remains present for a long time and requires a longer course of treatment.
After 6 months of applying Dermaved Sumith’s disorder had become manageable and after a year, he reported that the disorder had completely disappeared. He continues to use Dermaved regularly as a medicated moisturiser to prevent recurrence and continues to be psoriasis free.

Connie (Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis)

Connie is 62 year old lady who suffered from psoriasis, especially behind the ears. Psoriasis is a kapha disorder. Her skin was red, inflamed, itchy and irritable. Connie also suffered from psoriatic arthritis in both knee joints which caused her a lot of pain.
Both deep tissue and synovial membrane are similar kapha tissues. As a result it is common for those with psoriasis to also suffer from psoriatic arthritis, as the same fluids run through both tissues.

In the past she had used topical creams and antibiotics on prescription. She found that neither was effective in the long term management of the disorder and that neither offered a complete cure.

I recommended regular application of Dermaved and gave her specific dietary advice.
Immediately on application of Dermaved, Connie found relief from the discomfort of itchiness. Her skin became less inflamed and red within hours of application.
As psoriasis is a disorder which is embedded in deep tissue, it takes longer than some other skin disorders to be alleviated. Within 3 months, Connie found that her psoriasis had completely disappeared. She also found that the psoriatic arthritis also disappeared when she followed the dietary advice in conjunction with Dermaved.

Kathryn J (Fast relief from psoriasis after many years of struggling)

When its summer time, while everyone is getting ready to enjoy sun, shedding their sweaters for tank tops, I’m hiding. This was my routine year after year, and my search for all those maxi dresses on Vogue could not solve one problem that I had; my patchy skin. I had been struggling with stubborn psoriasis for years, sun’s rays are a little relief, but not enough. It made me explain to everyone that it’s not contagious and just some ugly patch of skin. I was feeling exhausted living with my patchy skin year after year.

As you may have guessed, I saw a dermatologist very early and went through the routine. He looked at my arms and legs in an obligatory manner and scribbled a prescription, which I knew, it’s going to be a tropical cream. He also suggested me to try expensive biologic treatment which has to be injected to me on a daily basis. I gave up on the idea on my way home. Since then, I’ve been struggling with this incurable condition for years. Then I found Dermaved cream and everything changed, I got my life back.

Below is Kathryn’s own experience of using Dermaved in her own words

“I’ve been using Dermaved for some stubborn patches of psoriasis for a few years, and without fail it has kept them under control. And on some patches made them disappear completely. I’ve used countless creams (medical/steroidal as well as natural remedies etc.) and nothing works as well as this cream. It gets rid of flaky bits almost immediately and makes the red fade. Highly recommended.”

Dan (Conquered psoriasis that had him under for 15 years with Dermaved)

Having suffered with psoriasis for the past 15 years and after trying various different treatments, my sister recommended the Ayurvedic Clinic to me. At the Clinic I saw the Doctor and was given a course of herbs to drink (which were simple to prepare) along with Dermaved cream. The treatment had a near immediate positive effect on my skin and within a week I had clear skin where large dry patches of psoriasis had been for years. In subsequent consultations, my prescription of herbs was adjusted and reduced, reflecting the progress made re-balancing my body. Now only a couple of small light pink patches remain – which don’t scale over or itch – and I’m sure they will be gone soon which is a truly life-changing outcome.

The treatment at the Clinic has been handled professionally and with great care and empathy by all the staff and I would like to thank them for their amazing work.
I have recommended Dermaved to numerous friends and family with various skin complaints and they too have seen equally impressive results. I would advise anyone with a skin problem of any type to visit the Clinic (or at least try Dermaved), especially longer term sufferers who feel like they’ve exhausted all possible avenues for help, you’ll be glad you did. It’s an all-natural, holistic approach that will have long lasting effects and it’s very affordable. I’m really happy that I did, and I will continue to use Dermaved on any skin ailments I have from sunburn to insect bites.

David S (Free from psoriasis and making everyone happy with his little jokes)

I love bringing joy to people through the little jokes I often make. But when I spoke to others, I felt like they were staring at my psoriasis. Doctors gave me several ointments and creams, but nothing ever worked for the psoriasis on my feet. One day I learned about Ayurvedic Clinic and decided to try it. Now I am totally clear, and tasting life free from flares.

I used Dermaved Skin Care on my right foot as I had been suffering with chronic psoriasis for many years. I had tried E45 cream, Shea Butter and many other creams to ease the dry itchiness but the flaky unsightly skin remained, and I would often scratch it until it bled.

Dermaved is an amazing skin product, it completely relieved all of the skin irritation almost immediately and cleared up my symptoms completely in 4 weeks. I used Dermaved in conjunction with an Ayurvedic diet and treatment and my skin has been clear of psoriasis for over 18 months.

Keep trying until you find something that really works for you. For me, it was Dermaved.

Each of the following images were taken one week apart whilst using Dermaved:

Top left – before using Dermaved
Bottom left – after 1 week
Bottom right – after 2 weeks
Top right – after 3 weeks

A 45-year-old female school teacher from North London

I know what it’s like to feel like nothing will ever work. I was diagnosed with psoriasis when I was in Germany. After moving to the UK, I tried various psoriasis treatments, including creams, sprays, and steroid shots, without lasting results. Finally, after years of hiding my skin, I found Deramved.
This is my story, finding a cure for psoriasis.

15 years ago, at the age of 30, and following a very stressful period in life, I started to suffer from psoriasis.
It began as a tiny patch just under one of my breasts and over the years has continued to spread. I now have it around and under both breasts, under my armpits, in my groin, in and around my ears and around my hairline.

Patches under my breasts were irritated with my bras and often would bleed so I would need to wear a bandage under my bra to protect the broken skin from further irritation.

Over the years, I have tried various topical pharmaceutical creams with a steroid content which made the patches temporarily better but didn’t treat the problem at source and I was worried about the longer-term side effects such as skin thinning.

Light treatment didn’t work. I was then offered Methotrexate (which seemed a totally disproportionate treatment to my symptoms) and it was at this point that I was determined to treat psoriasis naturally from the inside out.

I was introduced to Dermaved and within three days, my psoriasis had become much less inflamed looking. Dermaved completely clears certain patches – in front of my ears for example. With other more resilient patches, it reduces the redness, inflammation and associated soreness.

I have been using Dermaved for about two years now and have not needed to use bandages since starting to use it. It makes it so much more comfortable and manageable. I would thoroughly recommend it.

Now, I’m almost clear and happily wearing whatever I want.

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