Ben (Relief from stage three Rosacea)

Ben suffered due to Rosacea for more than two years and had almost given up hopes of finding a remedy for his condition when he came across Dermaved cream. He started to use Dermaved cream with nothing but little hope. Ben was amazed by the results and the relief he found with Dermaved cream. Below, Ben takes us through his journey to find relief through Deramved cream in a detailed manner.

“I was suffering from stage three Rosacea for about two years. It was tough to deal with as persistent burning in the face would come after exposure to even mild sunlight or eating just about anything! I was a little skeptical to use Dermaved as I felt I had tried everything, with little or no relief. However, the practitioners at the Ayurvedic Clinic helped me with a new food plan, lifestyle changes and soon I started to develop hope due to her wholesome approach. What happened next was miraculous. Within two days there was a definite improvement, and by day four the condition was completely gone! Not a bump or red mark to be seen. It has been 5 months now and I have not had a single flare-up, even during the height of summer. I have to say the experts behind this product are doing a tremendous service to the world, and this experience confirms to me that the ancients really did know what they were doing. If you are suffering from a skin ailment, please don’t hesitate to give Dermaved a try – put your trust in Ayurveda! I hope it will bring solace to your life as it did to mine. “

Asma Farooq

(London based GP who suffered with Rosacea for over five years)

Dr. Asma Farooq is a GP in London who suffered from Rosacea for over five years before turning to Ayurveda. She described her condition as moderately severe. Dr. Asma had redness over her cheeks with pustules that were painful to touch. She experienced intense burning sensations all over her face as a result. She had tried both oral medications, including courses of antibiotics and topical gels to relieve the condition, but nothing seemed to work consistently. Even as a practicing GP, she was unable to find a way to cure the problem and was aware that many of her patients were suffering in the same way. She discovered Dermaved. She discovered that her skin was beginning to improve after a brief period of using Dermaved. The burning sensation was resolved fully, after four months. The redness in the skin had improved significantly.

In her own words:

“I am happy to recommend this cream to others with skin problems. I found that despite taking prolonged courses of antibiotics I would continue to experience the painful burning sensation and redness over my face. Applying Dermaved on a daily basis has managed to control these symptoms within 4 months.”


(A mom’s quest to help her teen son to end rosacea on his face)

Arthur, son of Bella, developed Rosacea, on both sides of his face about three years ago. Bella immediately took him to their GP for treatment. However, the doctor said that no additional treatment is needed and to use a generic moisturiser for the face. Bella felt infuriated as she knew how this skin condition had impacted her teen son. Arthur was already feeling shy & embarrassed due to the growing irritation on his face. Bella wanted her son to stop seeing himself as being ‘diseased’. Then Bella took Arthur to see other doctors, who also told her to seek the help of their family doctor without prescribing a treatment.

Bella was frustrated with not being able to help her son and angered by the reactions of doctors who did not treat the skin condition of Arthur. Then she got to know about the Ayurvedic Clinic based on a recommendation from a friend. After a thorough examination of the history of Arthur, diet habits, Arthur was recommended a total treatment solution inclusive of Dermaved cream. Arthur experienced immediate relief from day one onwards. Arthur is Rosacea free now after 18 weeks of using Dermaved. He ended his struggle with the condition that lasted more than three years.

“My 15-year-old son, Arthur had rosacea for well on for three years on his face. His doctors didn’t treat him and asked us to use moisturizing cream. As a young teen, my son was shy and embarrassed by his skin condition.  When Arthur used Dermaved cream for the first time, he said he felt the difference. Arthur was able to look beyond his rosacea all thanks to Dermaved cream and today he lives a normal life away from rosacea. I simply wish I knew about Dermaved earlier and I recommend Dermaved cream to everyone with Rosacea.”

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