The other day, we were coming back from Hull York Medical School where I completed M.Sc. in in Health Professions Education. I was with my co-founder Geoff Sewell, who also happens to be my husband.

On our way home from the University, we talked about how fortunate we were to be running the business together even if we had to overcome many challenges. However, we both wouldn’t change a thing!

Our journey with Geoff started almost 20 years ago, from which almost all the years we’ve spent building our business.

At the very beginning, we were talking a lot about our common field; Ayurveda. When we went on to talk about how we see the world, how it should be, how we would want to live our lives and more importantly how we would try to make the world a better place in our own ways. We realized that idea of running an Ayurveda business had real potential and felt it’d be wrong for us to do it alone. So instead of having to team up with strangers, I had Geoff. I’m really glad we became business partners!

20 years later, Geoff and I enjoy a successfully running business. We have two children and more than 25 staff members that we consider to be a part of our extended family. Today we serve more than 5000 patients through our clinic. In addition, more than 250 people learn Ayurveda through our institute. 

I came to UK from Sri Lanka and I am product of free education. I always wanted to contribute towards the development of the economy of Sri Lanka. Today, we source all our medicine from Sri Lanka, enabling a valuable source of both foreign income & livelihood provision for rural communities. 

Geoff & myself, we stay true to our original objectives of trying to make the world a better place through our numerous charity work. We have provided 50 educational scholarships for under-privileged children, built houses for two families in need and helped manage a care home for differently abled people in Sri Lanka.

Many people still question if and how it’s possible to balance marriage and running a successful business as couple. All I can say is that’s it’s very much possible! I believe if you can get through the hurdles of founding and running a business with your spouse, you can overcome anything that life throws at you. In my experience, this definitely creates a stronger bond of marriage.

I am eternally grateful to be a humble instrument of this amazing and compassionate science of life and having the opportunity to treat thousands of people successfully through my clinic & worldwide in the last 25 years.

Dr Deepika Rodrigo BAMS , MScHPE

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