Dr.Deepika Rodrigo BAMS , MScHPE

In order to further my purpose in life, I moved to UK in the year 1998 after completing my BAMS degree in Sri Lanka. I was in my late twenties at that time & full of enthusiasm.  I started off as a teaching assistant at Westminster University. 

Fast forward to present day, 25 years later, my journey has enabled me to create my own business venture under the name ‘The Ayurvedic Clinic’, which now employs more than 25 staff. We have expanded our services with a teaching institute called, “Ayurveda institute UK” and a professional body which represents Professional Ayurvedic Practitioners in UK (AAPUK).

Throughout this fabulous journey, I have experienced numerous challenges & struggles. I began to realize that how wider public lacked a clear understanding about Authentic Ayurveda. I was determined not to let the recent hype about Ayurveda to suffer the same fate as ‘Madonna’s Kabbalah’ as just another lifestyle fad.

Before the Allopathic medical invasion, Ayurveda was the mainstream medical system that existed in Indian sub-continent. This eternal science of the mind, body and spirit has been kept alive by passing the mantle from one generation of practitioner to the next generation of practitioner for centuries. This amazing science can be traced back to more than 5000 years and it still remains true & relevant.  Ayurveda is deeply rooted in love & devotion to serve and heal everyone & it continues to teach us and guide us with its concept of “The art of living” or simply “science of life”.

The distress caused by skin disorders can be very painful, owing in part to the visible nature of the problem, leaving patients depressed and even suicidal in certain instances. Deeply moved by the suffering & a strong desire to heal, I started Ayurvedic treatment for skin conditions as diverse as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, rosacea and many other inflammatory or dry skin ailments. Since then, I have been able to muster previously elusive relief to many. I have successfully treated thousands of people through my clinic and worldwide for the last 20 years.

The approach to Ayurvedic treatments is based on ancient Ayurvedic formulas and old artisan procedures that we used for centuries. Those formulas are now brought to you in the form of Dermaved. To stay true to the original formula, we use ingredients that are sourced exclusively from the rainforests of Sri Lanka. 

Dr. Deepika Rodrigo BAMS , MScHPE

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