Dermaved Suwaya Body Wash


A calming blend of Ayurvedic herbs to soothe irritated skin.

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A relaxing blend of herbs to promote healing and revitalize skin. Thespesia Populnea, Ficus begalensis L. and ., Ficus religiosa L. calm and relax the skin. Precious Ficus glomerata Roxb. and Ficus lacor Buch-ham energize and promote healing of the skin. Thespesia popuienea soland. ex corea softens, nourishes, restores and protects the natural balance of the skin to promote total wellbeing. Dermaved Suwaya is Ideal as a skin wash, vaginal wash and Sitz bath.

How to use

Use in bath or shower, put one sachet into one cup of boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. Gently massage on wet skin and wash off.


Thespesia populnea. (sol. Ex correa), Ficus begalensis L., Ficus religiosa L., Ficus glomerata Roxb., Ficus lacor Buch-ham, Thespesia popuienea soland. ex corea.

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Our clients had this to say

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My children call it the ‘green cream’ and ask me to use it for everything, and I use it on my sun sensitive skin. It works!

Sara Jane Wrightson

Dr. Deepika is not only a great doctor but a wonderful person. She cares and goes deeper. I had problems with dryness due to acne for 6 years and tried every skin product but nothing worked. Dermaved really worked for me. My skin is totally soft and moisturized .

Jessy Green

I don’t like to use the word miracle, but for us Dermaved was just that. Within 48 hours of applying Dermaved, my baby Rory’s skin was 90% better.

Joanna Murphy

I am happy to recommend Dermaved cream to others. I found that despite taking prolonged courses of antibiotics I would continue to experience discomfort over my face. Applying the sensitive cream on a daily basis has gradually managed to soften my skin.

Dr. Asma Farooq (GP)

The cream worked well for my dry skin. What is so good about this cream is that there is no steroid content.


We finally started using Dermaved cream and it has already improved my daughter’s skin, almost 90%. We continue to use it morning and evening. Dryness completely stopped and the skin feels soft after just one application. I honestly don’t know what to say! We have been dealing with her skin issues since she was 4 months old. I am so thankful to have found this product


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