I had a dermatitis condition around the eyes last year. After starting with Dermaved skin cream, it took me about 8 weeks to recover after 4 months of suffering before.
I am well, at the moment no more conditions in that way… I am still using Dermaved, especially during the cold season.

Andrea Puhringer

I have used Dermaved Skin care cream for about 4 years now.
Originally I was prescribed it to help with Piles. I had been suffering with painful piles for years, and this cream healed them within a week- I was so amazed and of course very pleased.

I also use the cream to dry up spots, which within a couple of days a spot has gone!
My husband also uses it for cold sores- it again dries them up within days.

It’s magic!!

Thanks, Carly

Carly P

Dermaved cream is a cream that I use for a number of skin issues and is in my opinion a must have in every household. The other day, I walked into a spider web which covered my face and neck. Later that evening I started to experience itching, only to discover that my face was all red and looked like a rash. I applied Dermaved cream, the itching calmed down almost immediately. The next morning there was no sign of any redness or rash, it all disappeared as if nothing happened. The beauty of Dermaved cream, the ingredients are all natural. I highly recommended it.


I have a tendency to eczema and general dry skin particularly around the eyes. This then adds to Blephitis with the need to rub my eyes leading to general inflammation and sore eyes. Dermaved has become key to managing these symptoms. I love it!. Great for dry hands. I have also given some to a friend to try with dryness associated with leg ulcers. He has told me it is absolutely brilliant as it calms all the itchiness down stopping him from scratching with the potential for preventing further breakouts. I highly recommend this ointment. Thank you.

Jean Hammond

Dear Sachi, dear Ayurvedic Team,

I have suffered for five years from acne. It was itchy and my whole face was swollen and red and of course also painful. My cheeks felt hot most of the time and it was very oily and uncomfortable. I didn’t want to put make-up on to make it worse. It was painful and very uncomfortable when in public. At the same time parts of my skin was flaky and dry. I did not know what to do as I tried many creams and herbal preparations and even food changes but with no success.

After I applied Dermaved for three days, I felt my skin easing out. It was less painful and swollen. After one week, many pimples shrunk and the redness was fading. After three weeks, I was happy to see in the mirror that my skin had started to heal – the dry areas were moisturised and the oily swollen ones were starting to blend in with the normal skin, how it should be.

I was so happy, that I finally found a product (together with taking of ayurvedic herbs and changes of diet) that could give me a better quality of life, as I was feeling comfortable in my skin again, it wasn’t itchy or painful and I felt pretty again. My face didn’t feel hot anymore and I loved the result of a soft baby skin.

I am still to this date very happy with Dermaved as I use it also for cuts or any kind of skin irritation, even on my baby. I am amazed how quick it starts working, and I have recommended it to many of friends and family who have all been very satisfied as it has helped all their different skin conditions.

It is fascinating to me what the right mix of herbs and ingredients can do, and I am grateful that it helped me and others – and the best thing about it is – no chemicals, side effects or overdose 🙂

Thank you, Ayurvedic Clinic, and to the wonderful team!

Warm regards,

Ramona B

I am happy to recommend Dermaved cream to others with skin problems. I found that despite taking prolonged courses of antibiotics I would continue to experience the painful burning sensation and redness over my face. Applying the sensitive cream on a daily basis has gradually managed to control these symptoms. The burning sensation has resolved, the skin redness is significantly improved.

Dr. Asma Farooq (GP)

Dr. Deepika is not only a great doctor but a wonderful person. She cares about the patient and goes deeper than the symptoms. I had problems with acne for 6 years and tried every skin product but nothing worked. Dermaved really worked for me. My skin is totally clear now.

Jessy Green

I have been suffering from eczema since childhood. My skin was very irritated, red, dry, sore and itchy. I have been using Dermaved cream for two years It is a very moisturising and soothing cream which will help with any irritated dry skin condition. My skin is much improved and I have no problems now. If I have any dryness, I apply the cream and it makes any dryness disappear.


My children call it the ‘green cream’ and ask me to use it for everything, including when I burned myself. It works!

Sara Jane Wrightson

I am so grateful to have found Dermaved. My daughter had a bad diaper rash and we tried so many products and different Dr appointments (including a homeopath, herbalist and muscle testing!). Nothing helped and I was giving up hope. Our regular Pediatrician (who is amazing) recommended this product. It worked overnight! We only had to use it once. I was amazed and so grateful. We use it every once in a while if she starts to get a bad rash again and it always helps. Thank you so much!

C, C.

I first used Dermaved to treat my 4 month old baby’s eczema, dry skin and chicken pox scabs. My baby was really suffering and would scratch till her skin bled. Within hours of using dermaved on her for the first time it was making a positive difference. In a few days her skin had improved dramatically. Amazing! We now use dermaved for all our family’s skin ailments, it is calming and has the most incredible healing properties.

Rebecca K (I honestly don’t know what we would do without it!)

I literally can’t tell you how pleased I am to have found Dermaved! I have been using it for the last 3 days and my eczema has almost vanished but the best thing is the intense,  burning itchiness has stopped which allows healing. I usually tear my skin and make it bleed just to get some relief from itching. This is bliss! I will take some to my little granddaughter in Australia (when I am allowed to travel) for her eczema too.

As you can see (not very clearly though!) that my skin has suffered chronically and is lichenised over a long period of time and is now on the mend and more importantly DOESN’T itch!! So it can be allowed to heal…. this area is the only one I can show you even though it’s not a ‘before’ .( I have plenty of my full blown areas before steroid treatment!)
I have both Atopic and Nummular eczema that has developed over the last few years to such an extent that I had to have extremely strong steroid cream to treat an acute attack which covered 30% of my body with the threat of immune suppression if it didn’t get better. Of course the cycle continued with fewer days in between treatments……. absolute misery.

I am a health coach, meditation teacher and nurse, so look after myself very well, but recently adopting a more Ayurvedic style diet and this cream has changed my life!! I have literally tried everything, I mean everything …..creams, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, kinesiology and different food exclusions and nothing has done what this cream has done. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! ????????

E.C (Registered General Nurse)

Our daughter Arya is 7 now and she has been suffering from eczema and house dust mite allergy since she was a baby. We have tried many types of emollient cream for her skin condition but nothing was really working, hence had to go through many sleepless night. Topical steroids are helpful to control flare ups but should not be used for prolonged time. Arya’s school, eating, sleeping and overall her daily life was disrupted and we were in a situation did not know what to do, where to go. Then we have been recommended dermaved cream by someone who’s daughter was also suffering from eczema and he said the cream actually start working in 24 hours. I didn’t quite believe him but decided to have a go as we were desperate. It maybe didn’t worked in 24 hours but surely start seeing the difference after couple days and in two weeks time Arya’s eczema reduce by fifty percent and by end of four weeks its cleared by ninety percent. Using this amazing dermaved cream for last two and half years and I must say why didn’t I came across this before. Not only dermaved gives you smooth skin and makes you free from irritating skin conditions but also gives you the confidence to get on with your daily life which so many people are struggling because of their skin condition.

Mohammad Choudhury

The cream worked well and immediately for my mild eczema.  What is so good about this cream is that there is no steroid content.


I applied the cream to my 7 year old daughter that suffers from eyelid eczema. Her condition is quite severe. since she was a toddler I have tried dozens of creams on her eyes. Before I started using Dermaved I had to apply a cream that contains cortisone every 3 days. It made my daughter quite dependant on cortisone creams.

It took about a week or so to see the benefits of Dermaved. At first I started using the cream only the days I was not applied cortisone. Gradually we moved from daily use of cortisone to having to use it once a week or even 10 days. This is an incredible result for us. I hope that eventually we will phase out the use of Cortisone entirely. All thanks to dermaved

Chrys  V.

We bought Dermaved for the eczema of our 1 year old son. It was the only thing that works! Although we found out that it seems related to wheat as well, whenever he has a breakout we use it on the eczema and it goes aways after a couple of days. I had used countless other products which are supposed to be for treating eczema but this was what work. Amazing!! Can highly recommend.


I’ve been using Dermaved for some stubborn patches of psoriasis for a few years, and without fail it has kept them under control. And on some patches made them disappear completely. I’ve used countless creams (medical/steroidal as well as natural remedies etc) and nothing works as well as this cream. It gets rid of flakey bits almost immediately and makes the red fade. Highly recommended.

Kathryn J

15 years ago, at the age of 30 and following a very stressful period in life, I started to suffer from psoriasis.

It began as a tiny patch just under one of my breasts and over the years has continued to spread. I now have it around and under both breasts, under my armpits, in my groin, in and around my ears and around my hairline.

Patches under my breasts were irritated with my bras and often would bleed so I would need to wear a bandage under my bra to protect the broken skin from further irritation.

Over the years, I have tried various topical pharmaceutical creams with a steroid content which made the patches temporarily better but didn’t treat the problem at source and I was worried about the longer-term side effects such as skin thinning.

Light treatment didn’t work. I was then offered Methotrexate (which seemed a totally disproportionate treatment to my symptoms) and it was at this point that I was determined to treat psoriasis naturally from the inside out.

I was introduced to Dermaved and within three days, my psoriasis had become much less inflamed-looking. Dermaved completely clears certain patches – in and in front of my ears for example. With other more resilient patches, it reduces the redness, inflammation and associated soreness.

I have been using Dermaved for about two years now and have not needed to use bandages since starting to use it. While it doesn’t clear my psoriasis, it makes it so much more comfortable and manageable. I would thoroughly recommend it.

A 45-year-old female school teacher from North London

I have really enjoyed using your product and it has helped my skin recover from multiple conditions. I started using this product to help with my acne. I find that my spots have healed quicker than before after applying this cream. I also have found it helpful with healing acne scarring and dark spots left over from previous acne breakouts.

Another way that I have used this cream is for stretch marks. I have noticed that the appearance of them is a lot more subtle than before I was using this product, which is great as I’ve struggled to find a product that has improved the appearance of my stretch marks. I also find this cream helpful for things like sunburn, skin irritation, lip balm and also a moisturiser.

Lily Bremer-Goldie

I have been using Dermaved as a rescue cream for years. My skin becomes dry and irritated/itchy from time to time and if it worsens, it can break out in a rash. It’s great to have Dermaved for these occasions. The irritation usually reduces within hours and will reduce significantly in a matter of days. I usually decant some into a smaller pot and keep it handy for dry lips, or a hand moisturiser when my skin gets dry. I even use it as a facial moisturiser when travelling. I don’t like to run out of it since I never know when I will need it!

Christine Lutsch

I initially ordered the Dermaved for myself just for general use but then ended up recommending it to my mum who had developed quite a severe skin irritation on her back towards the lower end of her spine. It was very dark causing significant discolouration to her skin and was also itchy at times. She went to the doctor and was prescribed at least three different creams none of which fully worked, they relieved the itching but did not get rid of the discolouration. I never really thought about the cream until one day I recommended her applying it to the area. I told her to just keep using it until she saw some results. After a couple of months, she asked me to check her back to see how it looked because the skin was almost black, dry and irritated and raised. To my surprise it had lightened significantly and also the dryness and irritation had almost gone. I told her to continue using it and when I checked again this time it had totally gone, skin back to its normal colour and smooth texture and no dryness or itching. She used the cream consistently. None of the doctors or the pharmacist could tell her why it happened and what it was and none of the prescribed medicated creams worked. Dermaved is great and I would highly recommend it, we use it for any skin irritation.


Since childhood my skin problems have been a struggle. I went to so many doctors and hospitals and the just couldn’t cure it. When nothing worked, they just started trying anything. I was like a Guinea pig and they would try everything on me. Eventually we came to the clinic and Dr Deepika gave me advice on diet and some herbs and Dermaved. She told me I had to use Dermaved every day. Literally within two weeks of following her advice my skin was much better. I used to get pus on my face and ears, and I would wake up in the morning and my head would stick to the pillow. Within two weeks that was no longer the case. In my life I have tried 15-20 different creams. I would say that Dermaved is better than any other cream I have ever used.

Dillon G.

We are very pleased with Dermaved skincare cream. We bought the cream because the skin on my son’s hands was very dry and red. That was the result of daily washing and putting antibacterial gel at school.

Thank you for this wonderful product!

Kremena Georgieva 

I suffer from allergy during winter months. Last winter the skin around one of my eyes got inflamed. I tried lots of creams, including hormonal cream from my GP, but had no result. As soon as I used Dermaved my eye healed. Along with all the Ayurveda herbs which cured my skin from eczema, it contained petroleum jelly, which worked as a barrier cream, protecting my skin from cold. I kept using it as my face moisturiser for winter months.
I hope my review will help others.
Kind regards, Alisha

Alisha Gold

Dermaved worked so fast and so effectively on my psoriasis that I just couldn’t believe that it didn’t have steroids in it. So I got it independently tested at a lab myself. Dr Deepika was unaware of my personal investigation. The results clearly show it has no steroids! It is made of 100% natural ingredients.

Christos Kolios

I don’t like to use the word miracle, but for us Dermaved was just that. Within 48 hours of applying Dermaved for eczema, my baby Rory’s skin was 90% better.

Joanna Murphy

My baby son Jayden’s skin was very red, weepy and he was constantly itching and at times making it bleed. He was very stressed about it. When I used Dermaved cream I noticed a difference more or less after half hour or so, he was not itching that much and the redness had calmed down. He seemed more settled. My son is now nearly 4 years old and we use Dermaved as a daily cream. Very occasionally now he gets a little bit on his hands but I apply the cream straight away and by the next day there is a huge improvement. Now the whole family uses the cream as part of their daily skin care for dry or itchy skin.

Baby Jaden’s Mum

I had an amazing result using Dermaved for chicken pox. All itching disappeared with the 1st application and my son was able to sleep deeply through the night. The chicken pox dried up by the 3rd application. Also I had extreme itching on my nose due to having a cold sore there. After application the itching stopped and the cold sore dried out. So grateful for this cream.

Harpeet Rai

We finally started using Dermaved cream and it has already cleared up my daughter’s eczema, at least almost 90%. We continue to use it morning and evening. She completely stopped itching after just one application. I honestly don’t know what to say! We have been dealing with her skin issues since she was 4 months old. I am so thankful to have found this product.


Having suffered with psoriasis for the past 15 years and after trying various different treatments, my sister recommended the Ayurvedic Clinic to me. At the Clinic I saw the Doctor and I was given a course of herbs to drink (which were simple to prepare) along with Dermaved cream.  The treatment had a near immediate positive effect on my skin and within a week I had clear skin where large dry patches of psoriasis had been for years. In subsequent consultations my prescription of herbs was adjusted and reduced, reflecting the progress made re-balancing my body. Now only a couple of small light pink patches remain – which don’t scale over or itch – and I’m sure they will be gone soon which is a truly life changing outcome.

The treatment at the Clinic has been handled professionally and with great care and empathy by all the staff and I would like to thank them for their amazing work.

I have recommended Dermaved to numerous friends and family with various skin complaints and they too have seen equally impressive results. I would advise anyone with a skin problem of any type to visit the Clinic (or at least try the Dermaved) especially  longer term sufferers who feel like they’ve exhausted all possible avenues for help, you’ll be glad you did. It’s an all natural, holistic approach that will have long lasting effects and it’s very affordable. I’m really happy that I did and I will continue to use Dermaved on any skin ailments I have from sunburn to insect bites.


I had been suffering from skin conditions since childhood starting with eczema and then it led to psoriasis as I got older. My uncle came across The Ayurvedic Clinic website and recommended to me

I simply have no words to describe what the Ayurveda clinic has done for me, I was a young boy living in hell on earth because of my condition. I never slept, I couldn’t go out without being completely covered because I didn’t want anyone to see my red scabby patches. From day 1 of my first appointment, I found genuine care and worry in Dr Wathsala Wijesinghe towards me and my condition.. I had been to each and every professional you could think of and spent 1000s but nothing helped. At the clinic it was not just about the herbs and medicine it was the care and mental support from the team. They changed my life around and cured me of this horrible disease which apparently has no cure. Today I am normal with no marks no itching and can carry out day to day tasks how a normal person should I truly am great to The Ayurvedic Clinic and staff and forever will be thankful.

I was burning every time I had a shower, and what was worse is coming out of the shower and that dry pulling feeling on my skin was hell. I tried all the creams in the world everything would just burn and my skin would become dry after a few minutes regardless. Then came dermaved into my life.. this is a godsend. I would apply this after a shower all over my body and I would feel absolutely fresh and normal throughout till the next morning, it feels so natural and yet so powerful it has made my skin soft and the perfect texture!

I am a real-life story of someone who as I said above had gone through hell on earth, with burning red marks outbursts of scabs and skin falling off me from everywhere I was depressed and sad at times I felt like giving up because I couldn’t live life like this. But NEVER give up, fight this and keep positive to those suffering you are just a call away from being normal and free of this skin pain.. The Ayurvedic Clinic changed my life, in fact, saved my life, I say this because the condition I was in it was unbearable.. I would just say follow everything the doctor tells you strictly which is not so hard and I promise you will be normal skinned and pain-free but more importantly your mental and emotional state will brighten up and you will see the positive side and things! I thank the clinic once again for saving me.

Amar Pandya

Dermaved has been very helpful in easing the redness and soreness of perioral dermatitis, which had affected me for a few years now. Together with Ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle principles, the cream has really assisted with my healing. My clients are also very pleased with Dermaved, one calls it her magic cream and the other calls it a miracle cream as both ladies have found it extremely helpful in healing their eczema, reducing and eradicating the skin irritation.

Emma Després

I was suffering with very itchy, sometimes dry eczema for about 3 years. No success with western medicines or creams. After about 1,5 weeks using dermaved cream, my eczema patches were basically gone. First application already gave a big relief. I have also used it for spots on face and when I burnt my hand. It always fixes all skin problems! This cream should be given to all people with skin disorders, once your skin is calm, you mind is calm.


I used Dermaved Skin Care on my right foot as I had been suffering with chronic Psoriasis for many years. I had tried E45 cream, Shea Butter and many other creams to ease the dry itchiness but the flaky unsightly skin remained and I would often scratch it until it bled.

Dermaved is an amazing skin product, it completely relieved all of the skin irritation almost immediately and cleared up my symptoms completely in 4 weeks. I used Dermaved in conjunction with an Ayurvedic Diet and treatment my skin has been clear of psoriasis for over 18 months.

David S

My all time absolute favorite lip balm ever.xxx it’s million dollar lip balm.

Gabriela B

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