I had a dryness around the eyes last year. After starting with Dermaved skin cream, it took me about 8 weeks to recover after 4 months of suffering before.
I am well, at the moment no more conditions in that way… I am still using Dermaved, especially during the cold season.

Andrea Puhringer

I have used Dermaved Skin care cream for about 4 years now. I was so amazed and of course very pleased. I originally used it to help with the dry skin cracks due to piles. I had been suffering with that for years. The cream made it easy for me

It’s magic!!

Carly P

Dermaved cream is a must have in every household. The beauty of Dermaved cream, the ingredients are all natural. I highly recommended it.


“Since going through the menopause, my skin has become very dry.
And my eyes become very dry and itchy. I just put it on spontaneously, it keeps everything so soft.
Dermaved, try it you’ll love it as much as I do”

Jean Hammond

I have suffered for five years from very oily and uncomfortable acne prone skin. I didn’t want to put make-up on to make it worse. It was painful and very uncomfortable when in public. At the same time parts of my skin was flaky and dry. I did not know what to do as I tried many creams and herbal preparations and even food changes but with no success.

After I applied Dermaved for three days, I felt my skin easing out. My skin felt easier to touch.  After three weeks, I was happy to see that the dry areas were moisturised and the oily ones were starting to blend in with the normal skin, how it should be.

I was so happy, that I finally found a product (together with taking of ayurvedic herbs and changes of diet) that could give me a better quality of life, as I was feeling comfortable in my skin again, I felt pretty again. I loved the result of a soft baby skin.

I am still to this date very happy with Dermaved as I use it also for everything, even on my baby. I am amazed how quick it starts working, and I have recommended it to many of friends and family who have all been very satisfied as it has helped all of them.

It is fascinating to me what the right mix of herbs and ingredients can do, and I am grateful that it helped me and others – and the best thing about it is – no chemicals, side effects or overdose 🙂

Ramona B

I am happy to recommend Dermaved cream to others. I found that despite taking prolonged courses of antibiotics I would continue to experience discomfort over my face. Applying the sensitive cream on a daily basis has gradually managed to soften my skin.


Dr. Asma Farooq (GP)

Dr. Deepika is not only a great doctor but a wonderful person. She cares and goes deeper. I had problems with dryness due to acne for 6 years and tried every skin product but nothing worked. Dermaved really worked for me. My skin is totally soft and moisturized .

Jessy Green

I have been suffering from dryness because eczema prone skin since childhood. I have been using Dermaved cream for two years It is a very moisturising cream which will help with any dry skin condition. My skin is much improved and I have no problems now. If I have any dryness, I apply the cream and it makes any dryness disappear.


My children call it the ‘green cream’ and ask me to use it for everything, and I use it on my sun sensitive skin. It works!

Sara Jane Wrightson

I am so grateful to have found Dermaved. My daughter had very dry skin due to using diapers and we tried so many products and different Dr appointments (including a homeopath, herbalist and muscle testing!). Nothing helped and I was giving up hope. Our regular Pediatrician (who is amazing) recommended this product for moisturising. It worked overnight! We only had to use it once. I was amazed and so grateful. We use it every once in a while. Thank you so much!

C, C.

The cream worked well for my skin. What is so good about this cream is that there is no steroid content.


I have really enjoyed using your product and it has helped my skin a lot. I started using this product on my acne prone skin. I have found it helpful for cleansing, acne scarring and dark spots left over from previous acne breakouts.

Another way that I have used this cream is for stretch marks. I have noticed that the appearance of them is a lot more subtle than before I was using this product, which is great as I’ve struggled to find a product that has improved the appearance of my stretch marks. I also find this cream helpful for sun sensitive skin, lip balm and also a moisturiser.

Lily Bremer-Goldie

I have been using Dermaved as a rescue cream for years. My skin becomes dry from time to time. It’s great to have Dermaved for these occasions. My skin usually feels significantly better within hours. I usually decant some into a smaller pot and keep it handy for dry lips, or a hand moisturiser when my skin gets dry. I even use it as a facial moisturiser when travelling. I don’t like to run out of it since I never know when I will need it!

Christine Lutsch

We are very pleased with Dermaved skincare cream. We bought the cream because the skin on my son’s hands was very dry. That was the result of daily washing and putting antibacterial gel at school.

Thank you for this wonderful product!

Kremena Georgieva 

“I suffer from allergy during winter months. Last winter the skin around my eyes got very dry. I tried lots of creams from my GP but had no result. As soon as I used Dermaved the skin felt better. Along with all the Ayurveda herbs, it contained petroleum jelly, which worked to protect my skin from the cold. I use it as my face moisturiser for winter months.”

Alisha Gold

I don’t like to use the word miracle, but for us Dermaved was just that. Within 48 hours of applying Dermaved for the dryness caused by eczema, my baby Rory’s skin was 90% better.

Joanna Murphy

My baby son Jayden’s skin was very dry. He was very stressed about it. When I used Dermaved cream I noticed a difference more or less after half an hour or so, Jayden was much calmer. He seemed more settled. My son is now nearly 4 years old and we use Dermaved as a daily cream. Very occasionally now he gets a little bit on his hands but I apply the cream straight away and by the next day there is a huge improvement. Now the whole family uses the cream as part of their daily skin care for dry skin.

Baby Jaden’s Mum

We finally started using Dermaved cream and it has already improved my daughter’s skin, almost 90%. We continue to use it morning and evening. Dryness completely stopped and the skin feels soft after just one application. I honestly don’t know what to say! We have been dealing with her skin issues since she was 4 months old. I am so thankful to have found this product.


My all time absolute favorite lip balm ever.xxx it’s million dollar lip balm.

Gabriela B

I first used Dermaved to treat my 4 month old baby’s dry skin. My baby was really suffering and would scratch till her skin bled. Within hours of using dermaved on her for the first time it was making a positive difference. In a few days her skin had improved dramatically. Amazing! We now use dermaved for all our family’s skin.

Rebecca K (I honestly don’t know what we would do without it!)

We bought Dermaved to use on my son’s eczema prone skin because it is very dry. It was the only thing that works! Although we found out that it seems related to wheat as well, whenever he experience dryness we use Dermaved and it moisturises quickly. I had used countless other products but this was what worked. Amazing!! Can highly recommend.


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